You must be serious about rectifying your Order to Comply

Plans, pencil and ruler

Plans, pencil and ruler

If you have received an “Order to Comply” from the City of Los Angeles ” or a “Notice of Violation from the County of Los Angeles,” — This is not a “Parking Ticket.”  This is serious. You could be fined and/or ultimately receive massive monetary penalties and/or liens against your property that could result in your loss of ownership, even possible Jail Time in some cases. Timely response to these Notices is the ultimate goal you need RIGHT NOW. Order to Comply Los Angeles and Building Permits Los Angeles are key to rectifying your unfortunate situation.  Whether it has been an un-permitted  addition to your existing structure that you thought a Building Permit in Los Angeles was not necessary or the simple, “Let’s make the Garage a great place for the kids to live,” an Order to Comply can be issued which must be taken seriously and rectified in a timely manner.

Do Not Procrastinate – It won’t go away.

Upon receipt of an Order to Comply or Notice of Violation, you are given fifteen days from the date of issuance to correct issues found in violation of the Zoning or Building Code. You will also receive a fine in the amount of $356.16 that must be paid even if you correct the infractions on your property. Failure to pay this fine within 30 days of the invoice will raise your fine to $1,176.00.  The fifteen day first notice is not very much time however this first time frame is meant to encourage you to take immediate action. If you do not act or do not know what to do, you will receive an additional notice with additional fines of $550.00. This again is a second attempt to prompt you into taking action. The second notice is NOT a bill or invoice. It merely states that if no progress is made or attempted, you will receive an invoice in the amount of $550.00 which must be paid. At this point it is crucial that progress has begun to rectify and correct the violations as listed in your Order to Comply/Notice of Violation.

Always contact your Inspector.

The Inspector that issued the Order to Comply or Notice of Violation will have his or her telephone contact number at the end of the Notice next to their signature. Contacting the Inspector should be the first step you should do after receiving an Order to Comply/Notice of Violation. This will at least make the Inspector aware that you have received the notice and you are acknowledging that  infractions have been found on your property.

What do I do next?

Determine whether your zoning designation allows for the necessary corrections to be made – such as property line set-backs, building height restrictions, use, floor area ratio, prevailing set-back. Your goal is to obtain building permits and a new Certificate of Occupancy if necessary. This is accomplished by a thorough Code Search and pulling all of the previous permits issued to the property along with the current Certificate of Occupancy. You must also determine if your property is located in any overlay district or has any specific plan or special zoning designation such as “Hill Side Area,” “Historic Preservation Overly Zone.” There many other types of overlays and specific zoning designations.

What if I still do not know what to do?

Then call John at Order to Comply Los Angeles – Toll Free at 855.279.0118

I can guide you through the process and represent you to Building and Safety, Planning, Zoning and present your case to these departments in a concise, clear manner that will aid in rectifying  your Order to Comply in a timely manner.



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2 Responses to “You must be serious about rectifying your Order to Comply”

  1. Terri Says:

    Fifteen days to correct the problem! Wow, scary to have so little time to act before fines are assessed!

  2. John Says:


    This first time frame of 15 days is to encourage you to take immediate action. As for fines assessed, you are immediately fined $356.16 upon issuance of the Order to Comply. This is why quick response and immediate action is best when receiving an Order to Comply or Notice of Violation. Talk with your Inspector and make a plan of action.